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Thahar Jao  - Hindi
How the sight of the lover lights up one’s heart!
Classic > Love
New Delhi > India

Do din thahar jao  - Hindi
Here is another pleading for the love to stay for some more time...
Classic > Love
New Delhi > India

That Terrible Nightmare
It was all calm and quiet, Everyone was asleep in the night...
Festivals > Halloween
Ludhiana > India

Maa Keh Ek Kahani  - Hindi
Betaa samajh Liyaa kyaa tuune Mujhko Apni Naani...
Special Occasion > Mothers Day
New Delhi > India

My Mommy Helps Me
My mommy helps me when I'm sick...
Nursery Rhymes > Mothers Day
California > USA

Who shall conquer this world and the world of death and the gods...
Festivals > Buddha Jayanti
Lumbini > Nepal

Bring flowers to strew His way, Yea, sing, make holiday...
Festivals > Easter
Brasilia > Brazil

The Easter Flower
Far from this foreign Easter damp and chilly...
Festivals > Easter
Goa > India

The Kiss
Lips' language to lips' ears
Classic > Inspirational
Kolkata > India

Kitni Baadi Dikhti Hogi  - Hindi
Comparing a house fly to other objects
Classic > Humourous
Lucknow > India



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