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Bharat Desh Humara Hai  - Hindi
Short Hindi poetry about feeling proud of India
Festivals > Republic Day
New Delhi > India

A Sister is Forever
A sister's a sister forever, A bond that diminishes never...
Festivals > Raksha Bandhan
New Delhi > India

Khooni Hastakshar  - Hindi
Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose organized the Indian National Army in early 1940s to fight the foreign occupation of the country. He promised freedom for the country but demanded full dedication of the people to this end...
Classic > Patriotic
Kolkata > India

Hum Sab Suman Ek Upvan Ke  - Hindi
Devotional poems for School Children
Festivals > Gandhi Jayanti
New Delhi > India

Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo  - Hindi
Aye mere watan ke logo was an Indian patriotic song written by Kavi Pradeep and composed by C. Ramchandra (Chitalkar). It was rendered by Lata Mangeshkar around the end of Sino-Indian War...
Songs > Patriotic
New Delhi > India

Jhansi Ki Rani  - Hindi
Rani of Jhansi was unhappy about being forcibly retired by the British in 1853, so when the Indian Mutiny burst into flame four years later, she was in the forefront of the rebellion at Jhansi. The British contingent in Jhansi were massacred, but the following year the rebel forces were still quarrelling among themselves and the British retook Jhansi. The rani fled to Gwalior and, in a valiant last stand, she rode out against the British, disguised as a man, and was killed. She has since become a heroine of the Indian independence movement, a sort of central Indian Joan of Arc.
Classic > Patriotic
Jhansi > India

Mahatma Gandhi  - Hindi
Hindi poem about Mahatma Gandhi
Festivals > Gandhi Jayanti
Bhopal > India

Independence Day of India (An Acrostic)
No one is above the laws of the land...
Festivals > Independence Day
Delhi > India

15 August, 1947
A ray of light - a hope - a wish
Festivals > Independence Day
Delhi > India

Concord Hymn
Sung at the completion of the Concord Battle Monument, April 19, 1836
Festivals > Independence Day
Concord in Middlesex County > USA



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