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Two Heads Are Better Than One  - Hindi
Story on Hindi proverb - Ek se bhale do
Animal > Crab
New Delhi > India

Nazar - A short Hindi story of a cow  - Hindi
Mangal - the cow was not well, and the owner Ramesh was unable to find the reason...
Animal > Cow

The Two Goats
Over a river there was a very narrow bridge. One day a goat was crossing this bridge...
Animal > Goat
New Delhi > India

Bird House
Raju and Meeni were out in the garden. Meeni had her dolls and Raju his kite...
Animal > Bird
New Delhi > India

Lazy Donkey
Mamboo was a donkey. He belonged to Ramu the washerman...
Animal > Donkey
New Delhi > India

A Clever Trick
Sheru the tiger roared into Runu bear ear Ghurr…aa…aa…
Animal > Monkey
New Delhi > India

Meera Parrot
Meera was six years old. Her mother and father loved her. She was very happy.
Animal > Bird
New Delhi > India

Bandar Bandar
Crash What was that noise? Rohan and his mother dashed out of the kitchen.
Animal > Monkey
New Delhi > India

A little boy called Dhon lived in a hut with his mother, in a small village in Assam...
Animal > Fly
Assam > India

Cat and Mouse
In this house there is a mouse, Where is the mouse, where is the mouse?
Animal > Humorous
New Delhi > India



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